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A study done in the United States found that CRPS type I developed in 5.46 persons out of every 100,000 per year. It is estimated that CRPS affects nearly 200,000 patients annually in the United States.

At Ignite Wellness, we are proud to offer the latest innovative treatment options for chronic pain related to complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). Amongst the reasons Ketamine is such an ideal treatment for CRPS is that it can minimize the pain symptoms and the depression often triggered by the symptoms.

What is CRPS?

Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a chronic pain condition that typically affects the limbs. It is characterized by intense and persistent pain, swelling, and changes in skin temperature and color. CRPS can develop after an injury or surgery, but the exact cause is not well understood. The condition can be difficult to treat, and managing the pain can be a challenge.

Why Ketamine for CRPS?

Opioid use can lead to long-term dependency, and antidepressants have many negative adverse effects, including blurred vision, irregular bowel movements, weight gain, headaches, nausea or vomiting, and lack of capability to obtain an erection or orgasm, just to mention a few. Ketamine infusion therapy has very moderate and short-lasting side effects and is non-addictive when conducted in a medical environment.

How Does Ketamine Help Treat CRPS?

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It is believed that one of the leading causes of CRPS is the overactivity of the N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor in the brain. Ketamine helps chronic pain by attaching to the NMDA receptor and blocking it from being activated by glutamate, a neurotransmitter, thereby helping to mute the effects of chronic pain symptoms.

By connecting to those receptors, ketamine may be able to amplify the number of glutamate neurotransmitters in the space between neurons. Glutamate then interacts with the AMPA receptors.

Together, these receptors discharge multiple molecules that boost the brain’s neuroplasticity – essentially, ketamine infusions allow the brain to reset and restore important nerve connections.

The Ketamine Infusion Process

During your ketamine treatment for chronic pain, we go above and beyond to ensure all of our patients feel as comfortable as possible in their private rooms. Infusions typically last 45-60 minutes for mood disorders, while infusions for chronic pain conditions require a larger dose.

Some patients refer to a “dissociative” effect, and most of our patients respond positively to this sensation. In many cases, this dissociation effect aids your treatment and delivers a positive response to ketamine therapy.

These are all common components of the treatment. You will always remain in a safe atmosphere with our team to monitor you and be readily available during your infusion.

The Benefits of Ketamine for Pain Management

Ketamine infusion treatments for chronic pain management help provide our clients independence from prescription medications that can affect their mental and physical health. Without any major side effects, ketamine treatments can reduce chronic pain and can manage depression that often comes with this condition.

In just one treatment, our patients begin to reclaim their daily lives and regulate their pain. With ketamine infusion treatments and ongoing booster infusions, we have helped our clients with chronic pain find the pain relief they have been looking for so they can obtain a lifestyle they are worthy of.

Can Ketamine Help Reduce Your Chronic Pain Symptoms?

Do you deal with chronic pain on a daily basis as a result of CRPS? Have other treatments and medications failed to provide the relief you need? Then ketamine infusion therapy might be a good treatment option for you to consider.

If you, a friend, or perhaps a loved one are living with CRPS and are looking for alternative treatment options to help manage your chronic pain, contact Ignite Wellness of Salem, VA, to learn how ketamine for CRPS treatment can help you.

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