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Due to Dr. Farmer’s expertise in Sports Medicine, he was asked to join the Sports Medicine team at Virginia Tech, where he served as one of the team Orthopedic surgeons for over six years and continues as a clinical instructor for the VT Primary Care Sports Medicine fellowship program. He has also served as team physician for the Salem affiliate of the Boston Red Sox and currently is the team Orthopedic surgeon for Roanoke College and Salem High School. If you are looking for specialized orthopedic care, contact Ignite Wellness Clinic to speak with our sports medicine specialist. Dr. Farmer specializes in the care of the upper and lower extremities, including injuries and joint preservation. To schedule your outpatient minimally invasive procedure at our wellness clinic in Roanoke, VA, please call (540) 358-8455 or request an appointment online.

Fracture Care

Fracture is the technical term for a broken bone. This can include a complete break or partial fractures. Fractures can range in severity depending on the initial injury. Open fractures (ones where the skin is broken) are very serious and require immediate treatment.

At Ignite Orthopaedic & Wellness, our providers specialize in treatment options that can bring you real relief from your symptoms. 

What are Fractures?

There are a number of different types of fractures that may be caused by an injury or accident, including:
  • Stable Fractures
  • Open/Compound Fractures
  • Transverse Fractures
  • Oblique Fractures
  • Comminuted Fractures
In addition to injuries, falling, or other trauma, fractures can be the result of a condition like osteoporosis which makes the bones weaker and more likely to break. Patients suffering from a fracture don’t just feel pain, however. The range of motion in the affected body part may be affected. Other symptoms may include swelling, tenderness, or deformity of the body part.

How Do You Treat Fractures?

Like each patient, each fracture is unique. At Ignite Orthopaedic & Wellness Clinics, our providers take an individualized approach to treating fractures. With the right treatment options, we can minimize pain, restore function to the affected area, and prevent further complications as a result of your injury.

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