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Hip Pain Treatment in Roanoke, VA


Due to Dr. Farmer’s expertise in Sports Medicine, he was asked to join the Sports Medicine team at Virginia Tech where he served as one of the team Orthopedic surgeons for over 6 years and continues as a clinical instructor for the VT Primary Care Sports Medicine fellowship program. He has also served as team physician for the Salem affiliate of the Boston Red Sox and currently is team Orthopedic surgeon for Roanoke College and Salem High School. If you are looking for specialized orthopedic care, contact Ignite Wellness Clinic to speak with our sports medicine specialist. Dr. Farmer specializes in the care of the upper and lower extremities, including injuries and joint preservation. To schedule your outpatient minimally invasive procedure at our wellness clinic in Roanoke, VA, please call (540) 358-8455 or request an appointment online.

Hip Conditions

Patients can develop hip disorders due to injuries, chronic conditions, infections, or developmental conditions.

At Ignite Orthopaedic & Wellness, our providers specialize in treatment options that can bring you real relief from your symptoms.

FAI (Impingement)

Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) is a hip condition where an extra bone grows along the hip joint in an irregular shape. These bones rub against each other and cause pain.

There are three types of FAI. Pincer impingement occurs when extra bone extends over the rim of the acetabulum. In cam impingement, the femoral head is not totally round and does not rotate smoothly. Combined impingement means both pincer and cam impingement occurs.

Labral Tear

Labral tears can be the result of an injury to the tissue that holds parts of the hip together. This can lead to pain, reduced range of motion, and a sensation of the hip “locking in.”

Labral tears can occur in the anterior or the posterior of the hip, though anterior hip tears are much more common.

Snapping Hip

Snapping hip syndrome, also known as dancer’s hip, is a hip condition that causes a snapping sound whenever a person walks, runs, or moves their legs.

This is most often caused by the movement of muscles or tendons over bone structures within the hip.


Bursitis, also known as tendinitis, is a condition marked by inflammation or breakdown of the soft tissue around muscles and bones. These symptoms commonly affect the hips. Other symptoms can include a rapid worsening of pain, swelling, or the inability to move a joint.

Unlike arthritis, this pain is often far away from a joint. It can be a result of an intense injury but is most often the result of repeated, minor injuries to a specific tendon.

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