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Shoulder Pain Treatment

Shoulder Pain Treatment in Roanoke, VA


Due to Dr. Farmer’s expertise in Sports Medicine, he was asked to join the Sports Medicine team at Virginia Tech where he served as one of the team Orthopedic surgeons for over 6 years and continues as a clinical instructor for the VT Primary Care Sports Medicine fellowship program. He has also served as team physician for the Salem affiliate of the Boston Red Sox and currently is team Orthopedic surgeon for Roanoke College and Salem High School. If you are looking for specialized orthopedic care, contact Ignite Wellness Clinic to speak with our sports medicine specialist. Dr. Farmer specializes in the care of the upper and lower extremities, including injuries and joint preservation. To schedule your outpatient minimally invasive procedure at our wellness clinic in Roanoke, VA, please call (540) 358-8455 or request an appointment online.

Shoulder Conditions

The shoulder is a crucial part of the body for the movement of the arms and torso. When even one component is not working optimally, it can lead to a number of symptoms and side effects.

At Ignite Orthopaedic & Wellness, our providers specialize in treatment options that can bring you real relief from your symptoms. 

Labral Tear

Tears to the tissue in the shoulder, the labrum, can cause intense pain and difficulty in movement. This can sometimes feel like grinding or locking while moving the shoulder.

The two most common types of labral shoulder tears are SLAP (superior labrum from anterior to posterior) tears and bankart tears.

While these tears are hard to prevent, treatment options can bring relief from the symptoms.

Rotator Cuff Tear

The rotator cuff comprises muscles and tendons surrounding the shoulder joint. Tearing or injuring the rotator cuff is a common injury that can produce symptoms like a dull ache that often worsens at night.

Symptoms can reduce arm movement, make the arms weaker, and disturb sleep. In some cases, the injury does not even cause pain.

Biceps Tear

Bicep tears can occur at the shoulder, which can cause a person to lose strength in the affected arm, as well as pain and swelling. This tear may be partial or complete. It can be caused or worsened by overuse.

Symptoms can include sharp pain in the upper arm, an audible snap noise, and decreased range of movement within the arm.


Patients can develop shoulder instability when parts of the shoulder, such as the joint, become stretched or torn. This allows the shoulder to make out of the socket.

This typically causes pain whenever the shoulder “gives way.” Additional symptoms can include decreased range of motion and swelling in the shoulder.

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